Power Factor Regulators MRM-12


Central Office of Measures’ Type Approval

Electrotechnical Institute’s Attestation No. 0964/NBR/08

Power Factor Regulator

      MRM-12 series microprocessor regulator for automatic regulation of reactive power is Twelve Electric’s own construction. It can be used in new capacitor banks, as well as for a replacement for other regulators (without need for modernisation of whole capacitor bank). It is manufactured in a number of versions, which respect various needs and requirements of Customers. Each version can be equipped with 4, 6, 9, 12 or 15 steering outputs. The standard version is a 400V regulator with steering input for one phase‘s current transformer. For individual orders we manufacture regulators for other voltages: 100V, 230V, 500V, 600V and with dual current input. A PFC system regulated by MRM-12 regulator effectively compensates reactive power to the level required by the energy distributor.

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MRM-12 Power Factor Regulator - catalogue page (PDF)

MRM-12 Power Factor Regulator manual (PDF)

Demo Twelve Electric - MRM-12 Power Factor Regulator (program)

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