Electrotechnical equipment

We offer LED indicator lamps for indication of condition of electric circuits, devices, technological processes, etc. They replace incandescent and neon lamps. Thanks to the semiconductor technology in their structure, their lifespan is maximally prolonged.

Twelve Electric as the sole agent of ESGO offers contactors from the ID and IDX series from running production The new generation of contactors has the same dimensions and fitting holes positioning as contactors manufactured in the former East Germany. Devices offered by us find their use in low voltage installations, switchboards, control equipment and capacitor banks. They are used for switching in three-phase circuits of alternating and direct current. We also offer accessories for S-ID(X) series of contactors, including: IR, K-ERB, K-ERS thermal relays; ZX type protection, as well as the complete range of spare parts: main and auxiliary contacts, coils, etc.

For producers of light sets and for lighting services we offer UZLS/UZLSI type electronic glow-starters designed for high-pressure sodium-discharge and metal-halide lamps with powers from 35 to 400 (1000) W.

We also provide LV current transformers and MV current and voltage transformers. Our low-voltage protection range covers: class 00 and 000 fuse links, small size 1P and 3P fuse bases and fuse switches.

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