Twelve’s Quality Policy

     If one could eliminate losses in a modern enterprise caused by faults, or even inerferences in the supply system, then in one-year scale the profitability of such enterprise would increase by approx. 2%. The statistic clearly indicates the urgent need for power supply systems to be upgraded to enable firms and factories to operate and grow in the 21st-century way.

     The aim undertaken by Twelve Electric is to keep finding new technical solutions, which ensure optimisation of electric energy consumption costs, significant timesavings and rationalisation of power systems maintenance. This broadly understood Quality Policy motivating Twelve’s activity from its very beginning includes efforts made to keep our products at the world’s highest quality standard as well as to satisfy our Customers’ needs and expectations.

     Wanting to reach these goals, we never underestimate the meaning of the newest achievements of technology and we base on them while designing new products or improving those already existing. That enables us to carry out our own research and implementation works and to maintain continuous, close cooperation with technical universities: the Warsaw University of Technology and the AGH University of Science and Technology. Reasonably using the means of financial support from the European Union and the State Committee for Scientific Research, we try hard to make continuous development of Twelve Electric bring improvement in the quality of products and services we offer you.

     Numerous awards and medals as well as the ISO 9001 quality management system, which we are implementing, prove the accuracy of our choices and the effectiveness of actions we take, and show us the direction to further widening of the group of our Customers and Partners.

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