In care for the environment, in January 2007 Twelve Electric has started to cooperate with Biosystem Elektrorecykling S.A. - the organisation for recycling of used electric and electronic equipment.

By the terms of the contract, Twelve Electric has passed its recycling duties resulting the Used Electric and Electronic Equipment Act (Ustawa o Zużytym Sprzęcie Elektrycznym i Elektronicznym (Dz.U. Nr 180 poz. 1495)) on to the organisation.

We also inform that Twelve Electric is registered with the Inspection for Environmental Protection at the following registration number:



            In accordance with the Used Electric and Electronic Equipment Act (ZSEiE) it is forbidden to place equipment waste marked with the symbol of a crossed-out trash bin together with other waste.

Within our contract with BIOSYSTEM, every Customer who wants to dispose of used equipment free of charge should by prior agreement with Twelve Electric pass it to a used equipment collection point.

Below there is a list of points that will collect equipment bought from Twelve Electric Sp z o.o.

Collection points list

Before giving used equipment to a collection point make sure to:

     1. Fill in the waste collection request form.

     2. Send it to Twelve Electric Sp z o.o. (e-mail, fax)

     3. After receiving the form, Twelve will inform you on the method of used equipment collection.


The above duties have been introduced to limit the quantity of used electric and electronic equipment waste and to ensure proper collection and recycling of such equipment.

There are no components especially harmful to the environment or human health in the equipment put on the market by Twelve Electric.

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