Capacitor banks

Electrotechnical Institute’s Attestation No. 0903/NBR/07

BK-T-95 capacitor banks manufactured by Twelve Electric are designed for automatic compensation of reactive power in three-phase LV networks with nominal voltage from 210V, through 400V, up to 660V. They can be used for both central and group power factor correction. The banks have a variety of enclosements, they are produced in a number of power ranges and in different staging and equipment versions, thanks to which it is possible to precisely match the variant to user’s individual needs every time.

Advantages that make BKT-T-95 exceptional:

-simple and functional construction, small dimensions, aesthetic finish,
-easy installation and startup,
-ability to work with oversized current transformers,
-very good regulative parameters (tg φ> 0,1),
-time clock controllable,
-manual operation mode,
-possibility of individualisation,
-choice of capacitor type and accessories to be installed,
-custom design enclosements available (within norms).

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BK-T-95 power capacitor bank - catalogue page (PDF)

BK-T-95 power capacitor bank manual (PDF)

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