Power factor correction

    The striving to ensure decent prosperity of enterprises and high costs of electric energy have forced energy consumers to continuously control the level of power consumption. Rational electric energy economy requires control of reactive power intake too. It is even more important because of the fact, that reactive power intake is quite easy to optimise without interfering with the number of working devices, or decreasing the total active power available to the enterprise. By using well-known laws of physics and the fact, that most of devices draw inductive reactive power, it is possible to reduce reactive power intake by adding loads with capacitive characteristics to the circuit. This way capacitive loads compensate the reactive power drawn by inductive devices. This method of optimisiation is called power factor correction.

Optimisation of costs is not the only reason to hold an effective PFC system. Such system eliminates reactive power costs, but also cuts the expenses for active power by some 3-7%. Every modernisation improving a supply system’s performance brings quantifiable financial profits.
    After 17 years of activity in the field of Power Factor Correction in LV and MV networks, Twelve Electric offers the full range of services and products, such as: regulators, capacitors, capacitor banks, higher harmonics filtering reactors and active filters.

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